When trouble seems near, God is NEARER

Wow, so hey, it’s been awhile…

But as can be expected, God has been at work in my life! (KJ here.) Circumstances have totally changed: new location, new job, new church, new house…..NEW BABY 🙂 still in the tummy but she is giddy as can be as God is creating her in there.

It’s so funny how looking pregnant can change how people treat me. Complete strangers and close friends. Random people smile at me when they see my bump. Like they are so happy I just let them in on the secret of life inside me. I never knew pregnant women made people so happy! And then of course there is my family and close friends who are all of a sudden SUPER PROTECTIVE and cautious about everything I do. “Honey don’t lift that….You get off of that lawnmower….Wear your seat belt, drive slow…” I mean it goes on and on. Like I’m this fragile piece of pottery, able to fall and break at any moment.

I’m thinking to myself, “Seriously, give my God-built body some credit people! He made women to be able to handle this. His creation is sturdy and if He intends for this precious baby to be born, then she will be!” And it’s true His Soveriegnty is bigger, MUCH bigger, than any sort of anxieties, precautions and fears I or my loved ones might have. (Not that I’m not thrilled they want to love and protect me, of course.)


I couldn’t possibly sum up the last few months of my life in just one blog post. 1. Because they have been some of the HARDEST MONTHS OF MY LIFE. 2. Because I have learned too much to process.
I’m writing this blog post mostly to process my thoughts. (selfish me) But also, I know that sharing honest pieces of life and the strength of God’s Word is powerful. Maybe you are in need of some of that profound power of God right now.

As far as God’s Word goes, Psalm 46 is a star player in my life right now:

God is our shelter and our strength.
    When troubles seem near, God is nearer, and He’s ready to help.
So why run and hide?
No fear, no pacing, no biting fingernails.
    When the earth spins out of control, we are sure and fearless.
    When mountains crumble and the waters run wild, we are sure and fearless.
Even in heavy winds and huge waves,
    or as mountains shake, we are sure and fearless.

Come, gaze, fix your eyes on what the Eternal can do.
    Amazing, He has worked desolation here on this battlefield, earth.

10 “Be still, be calm, see, and understand I am the True God.
    I am honored among all the nations.
    I am honored over all the earth.”
11 You know the Eternal, the Commander of heavenly armies, surrounds us and protects us;
    the True God of Jacob is our shelter, close to His heart.


Agave parryi closeup

Like wow. Who can’t glean some courage and peace from these words!? I have these “mantras” as I call them, that I repeat to myself over and over when I feel like my thought-life is out of control and anxieties are slipping into my heart. It’s just something that Holy Spirit lead me to do because it works for my brain and heart(Psalm 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart so that I may not sin against you). So, I have been gathering “mantras” from this psalm for weeks!

  1. When trouble seems near, God is nearer.
  2. When the earth(and my life) spins out of control, I AM SURE AND FEARLESS with Jesus by my side.
  3. Gaze and FIX MY EYES on what Jesus can do!
  4. Be still, be calm, see, and understand that Jesus is the True God.
  5. I am close to God’s heart. He keeps me there.

BOOM. Those are just the obvious ones that my spirit has been drawn to.

I mean here’s the truth: my husband didn’t have a full-time job for 7 months. We still don’t have a place of our own; living with my parents means “nesting” for baby gets put on the back burner. My marriage has been a deep, dark valley. BUT I am close to God’s heart. He keeps me there.

Circumstances give me tons of reasons to doubt God, to be anxious, to be fearful, to even be angry at times. BUT Be still, be calm, see, and understand that Jesus is the True God.

I don’t know what’s coming. I don’t even know where I will be living in a few months. I don’t know where I am called to be a part of something greater than myself. I am depressed y’all. BUT When trouble seems near, God is nearer.

My first trimester was a complete WRECK. I couldn’t eat anything but french fries and cereal (for those of you that don’t know me I’m a big fan of healthy eating and nutrition and don’t normally touch these things) so my health, physical and mental, went through a huge decline. I was crying and/or laying on the floor sick every day. BUT When the earth(and my life) spins out of control, I AM SURE AND FEARLESS with Jesus by my side. 

Money is tight. We aren’t meeting our financial goals. BUT Gaze and FIX MY EYES on what Jesus can do!

These Scripture-truths have been keeping me afloat. Some days I don’t see that light and I forget my mantras when my fearful thoughts overwhelm me. But the next day is a fresh start and Jesus picks me up and brushes me off. He sits me in His Mercy Seat, lets me repent and weep and seek His direction. He says this:

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43:18-19 (NIV)

His works are wonderful! I cannot WAIT to see his way through the wilderness and those streams in the wasteland. I am counting on them. I declare they are beautiful before I can see the, living by faith and not by sight.

Another cool thing Holy Spirit has introduced me to is praying Scripture over people and over myself.
For myself and my best friend Rochelle: Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. We are both in a place where change is around every corner and there is so much to think about and plan for the future. We NEED to trust in God enough to smile at the future instead of worrying over it or becoming overwhelmed. 

For my husband: Proverbs 3. The whole thing. I just want God to bless him and his decisions with wisdom and understanding. I want his sleep to be refreshing and not burdened with worry. I want him to inherit honor and walk a path of peace.


So yeah, this is my comeback post. There is still hope to spread! Even when life is crazy and prickly and MESSY, God is who He is. He is a good Father. He is trustworthy. He is moving and doing great things. He is worthy of our love, fear, praise and attention.
Cactus in garden
Action steps for any of you reading this, TRY SOMETHING NEW:

  1. Take seriously the Scripture God puts into your life. If a verse is read at church, meditate on it. Repeat it to yourself in the midst of chaos and loneliness. His Word is powerful so cling to it!
  2. Pray a Scripture over yourself and anyone who comes to mind. It will get you into the Word and refresh you!

Buckets of love!



happy valentine’s day


Valentine’s Day:  A holiday that some love and others love to hate.  A day where your Facebook and Instagram feeds will be filled with pictures of happy looking couples and posts about gifts and probably even an engagement or two.  Seeing all of this can ignite negative emotions for some.  If you’re in a relationship, it may make you feel upset because someone else’s partner did something more than yours.  If you’re single, it may make you feel alone, insecure, or unwanted.

I thought a lot about what to write for a Valentine’s day post.  So I’ll just start with a confession:  I’ve never had a Valentine.  There have been times when I’ve bemoaned that fact.  I’ve sat at home feeling lonely and upset more times than I’d care to admit because all my friends were out with their significant others.  But over the years, I’ve truly begun to learn and lean on the love of Jesus.  The only real, true, and flawless love we will ever know.

One of my absolute favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Hosea. If you’ve never read it, I highly recommend it.  In the story, the Lord asked Hosea to go and love a promiscuous woman.  To bring her to himself and love her as God loves his people.  He had him do this as a parallel to His love to “promiscuous” Israel.  So Hosea married a woman named Gomer, who many scholars believe was a prostitute.  Gomer had a few children by Hosea and was unfaithful to him.  At first, God seems very harsh in how he punishes her.  He speaks of taking away everything He’s given to her because she doesn’t realize that it is the Lord who has given her everything she’s had until now (Hosea 2:8).  So there’s half a chapter dedicated to everything the Lord is taking away from her(and when he is speaking of “her” he is really referencing his own rebellious people in this parallel).  Then, halfway through chapter 2 in one of my favorite verses, he flips the script.

 “Therefore, I am going to persuade her, lead her to the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.” (Hosea 2:14).

 He goes on from there to say that he will give her everything back and will take her to be His wife forever.

 “I will take you to be My wife forever.  I will take you to be My wife in righteousness, justice, love, and compassion.  I will take you to be My wife in faithfulness, and you will know Yahweh.”  (Hosea 2:19-20).

This is the kind of love that is hard to even fathom!
And certainly not a love that is able to truly live in the flesh of men.  This type of sacrificial, sometimes unrequited love is only able to come from the true lover of our souls.  Our Savior, our Messiah, our Lord.  Gomer in this story is every single one of us.  She is the one who has been unfaithful to her husband.  She is the one who has made idols of work and legalism.  She is the one who has put her love life or her marriage on a pedestal above her true King.  She is the one who has sat at home on Valentine’s day bemoaning her single life instead of reveling in the Love she already has.

Gomer is all of us.

My challenge to you this Valentine’s day, no matter where you are or who you’re with, is to remember this story.  Remember the love that our God has for us, that no matter what we do, how we behave, He is ready and waiting to lead each of us into the wilderness to speak tenderly to us. So while you’re getting ready for your Valentine’s dates or girls nights, put on some worship music and praise Him.  If you’re home alone, consider spending at least part of your evening in prayer and reading about the immense love God has for you. That is what earthly men can only ever strive for.

 You will never know a more sacrificial or righteously jealous love.
You will never know another lover who will want you back,
after you’ve turned so far away from Him.
You will never know a love so great as the love of God.
Let Him love you, dear sister.
On this Valentine’s day and every day.


In the Midst

A letter to my sister who is waiting…

First of all, cling to the truth that you are never alone. This truth brings the ultimate comfort. God’s presence is like a comfy couch that just envelops you and makes you never want to leave. It’s so easy to just keep looking to the future, seeing all these plans ahead of you. Plans that you want. A new job, a baby, a house, a solid income, or even just an answer. But it seems as though you are stuck in this place. You find yourself wondering when these things will happen.

It’s in these seasons of life, these seasons of waiting, I find my prayer life totally reflects how I’m feeling. My prayers tend to be more selfishly focused because in my brain I’m like…I’m gonna pray for this again..and really hard this time…the more I pray the same thing over and over again, the quicker I get what I want.  Insert eye-rolling emoji here. We become so enveloped by our own thoughts and prayers that our perspective becomes misplaced.

God is always quick to remind me that He is Immanuel, God with us (Matt.1:23). God left us with the Holy Spirit so that we are never alone. I’ve been reading a new devotional on my phone, and I think the author words it perfectly.
“Here we are , living in the church age of history, the Holy Spirit alive in us and through us. Jesus has come! Still, we ache and we long, and we search for God and pursue heaven on Earth, and we come up empty-handed. Why is this so? I think it’s because we forget that He is Immanuel…He is with us on our job, at school, when we do the dishes, at the grocery store…He is with us when we lock ourselves in the bathroom from our kids, when our marriage hits a rough patch or when life breaks our heart in half.”


So when we are waiting, and seem to feel like our heart’s desires will never be met, God is there. He hears your cries when you don’t know how you will make ends meet for the whole month or pay the bills that were due last month. When you lie in bed at night, while your husband sleeps soundly, and you think no one else will hear your tears and sniffles, Jesus is there, arms open wide, ready to hold you, His precious daughter. Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” God has used this verse so many times to comfort me. Lately it’s what comes to mind with every negative pregnancy test I take. Month after month a dumb little stick tells me no again and for a brief or long time, I let it control my feelings. My husband and I will be waiting for a yes from God in this area of our lives, and then later, He reveals another good reason He has kept us waiting. But at times, it just stinks.

On the other side of waiting, there is joy and expectancy. Waiting does not always bring sorrow. It is ok to long for something and expect something because of who God is. We serve a God who is mighty, powerful and sees beyond our vision. He does not waver or cower when we ask Him to move mountains in our lives. He remains firm and assures us through His faithfulness that He has this totally under control. Isn’t it so comforting that God sees the big picture? Sometimes I imagine Him texting me back and saying, “girl, chill. You don’t even know what I have for you in the next 5 minutes, so quit worrying about next Tuesday and whether or not you’re going to hear from that job.”

It’s thoughts like these that make me so thankful that He gave us His word. A book of truth full of His promises. The Bible is full of people who waited way longer than we ever will. People who waited to hear from God, waited for a child, waited for Jesus.

In Psalm 139, David poetically expresses how beautiful the Lord’s love for us is. He describes how he knows us in verses 1-16.

O LORD, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do. You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord. You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand! I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence! If I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to the grave, you are there. If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me. I could ask the darkness to hide me and the light around me to become night–but even in darkness I cannot hide from you. To you the night shines as bright as day. Darkness and light are the same to you. You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

So in your everyday life, remember that we don’t have to wait. You have Jesus. And God has your life in His hands. Ask for His will even when you want your own. Ask the Holy Spirit to align your heart with the Lord’s.

I’ll leave you with Judges 18:6 “Go in peace,” the priest replied. “For the Lord is watching over your journey.”
❤ Ran

Here is one of my current favorite songs that really helps bring my perspective back to a kingdom one. With most worship songs, I prefer to listen to them once to become familiar, then another time to truly take in the words (normally googling the lyrics), and then I will sing along. When our ears hear our own voice speaking God’s truths, it produces more faith. So sing it out, girl.

What it means to submit to the Lord


Ephesians 5:21-33

Acts 17:24-27

John 15:1-17


The word submission can sometimes leave a nasty taste in my mouth. First it’s sour, then it’s….bitter, hard to swallow, and I want to spit it out. I had a horrible view of submission, first when I was single, then when I started dating my husband. It is a topic that can be easily misunderstood but is very important in our faith walk. If you’re feeling brave, read on and you won’t regret it! 

We must know that submission is an act of obedience to God. The truth is we are all, in some way submitting to and obeying something in our lives. We obey the law of the land, we obey rules, we submit to cultural traditions and customs, we submit to the desires of our flesh, we submit to our parents, bosses and husbands. The list can go on and on. But for some reason an act of obedience to God is the most difficult.

God’s Word is very clear on the fact that He desires for us to obey him. Jesus said it himself in John 15:10

“When you obey my commandments, you remain in my love, just as I obey my Father’s commandments and remain in his love.”

Logically this makes so much sense, but practically I am constantly failing! Oh how I need a daily dose of grace overflowing from Jesus in order to keep going each day. (I struggle a lot when I’m in the car or like, you know, when I’m around people, can I get an amen?!)

This verse from Acts helps me to understand why God wants us to obey:

Acts 17:24-27 “He is the God who made the world and everything in it. Since he is Lord of heaven and earth, he doesn’t live in man-made temples, and human hands can’t serve his needs—for he has no needs. He himself gives life and breath to everything, and he satisfies every need. From one man he created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and he determined their boundaries. His purpose was for the nations to seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him—though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and exist.”

Obedience is not for God’s benefit – he has no needs! He does not have a to-do list that I can help Him with. He is all-powerful and the creator of everything, including me!! It’s in Him and through Him that I exist and live. Obedience is for us. It weaves our hearts closer to His and helps us to abide in Him with our every decision. A life of obedience (and repentance when we fail) glorifies God and reminds us of his holiness. He wants us to know him, to find him. And then even when we mess up, his GRACE is there to further remind us of Jesus’ perfection and power over sin.


Mmmm. Yes.

The cool thing here is that once we understand and can see submission through the lens of obedience to the Lord we can talk about submission in marriage. DON DON DON. Don’t give up now!

Let me just get one thing in the open; submitting to our husbands is not optional. It’s God’s plan ever since the beginning for marriage. I know this is countercultural and no one wants to be second chair in the band, but without the second chair, there is no harmony. As wives, we are not weak, we are meek; which is something I really struggled to understand when I first got married. We are gentle, but powerful. We are the helper, a position the Lord himself elevated. He deemed the Holy Spirit to be sent to us as the “Helper,” a divine position. The verse in 1 Peter 3:1 says, “Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands…”. Do you know what that “same way” is? The same way that Jesus submitted to God’s will in going to the cross to die for our sins. Our obedience to God’s will and trust in Him is what he truly cares about. He mercifully tends to our hearts through our submission.

God’s Word clearly states that it’s our job to respect our husbands regardless of his actions. Unconditional respect. (Talk about difficult!! Only with the strength of Holy Spirit could we accomplish something so impossible- all the married women said Hallelujah!). Ephesians 5 gives instructions for wives:

And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord…….So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”

Submit and respect.


And respect.

Lots of food for thought for us married women. Sometimes all I can do is say “Holy Spirit help!”

The gift of singleness is not to be taken lightly either. It is not a curse, you’re not undesirable, and there’s nothing wrong with you! (I’m saying this in case any of you are like me- I thought terrible things about myself when I was single…) God deems being unmarried as a gift. Now, some of you think that gift is the equivalent of those ratchet pajamas your grandmother gave you that one Christmas, that you gave a weak smile to and said ‘thank you’, meanwhile on the inside you thought they were hideous and never wore them once. Not the same kind of gift, I assure you. You have a calling, an anointing on your life, and believe me, it took years for me to realize that too! You’re not alone. Your marital status is NOT an accident, and it’s NOT something that needs fixing.

Your ministry opportunities are endless because “an unmarried woman is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world-how she can please her husband” (1 Corinthians 7:34-35).  What a beautiful calling to “be concerned with the Lord’s affairs”. You are a force to be reckoned with..And my advice to you is to start learning to submit to and respect others now, just in case God has a spouse in store for your future.

I hope this letter to you, my beautiful sister in Christ, helps and encourages you today. You are a masterpiece and God is working for your good. Perhaps the ‘taste’ of submission and respect for you will morph into a rich, full-bodied and sweet flavor as you trust Jesus. I’ll be praying for you!

Here are some devotional, thought pondering questions I wanted to leave you with.

Be blessed,


  1. What are you trusting God with? What are you not trusting Him with? What do you need to take your hands off of and surrender to Him today?
  2. I’m sorry that was 3 questions in one.
  3. Do you feel that your identity is in your relationship status?
  4. How is God teaching you to live within your calling?
  5. When was the last time you told your husband you respect him?
  6. What is your view of submission and how can you trust God more today?

Try It Out Tuesday!

We proudly present to you our very first resource of online devotionals! Whoot!! The RARK sisters respect the Word of God as Truth. Diving into it regularly is one way of nurturing our relationship with the God of the universe. If you don’t know where to begin when you pick up that big intimidating Bible, these resources below will guide you and make reading the Bible fun, more convenient and exciting!  


She Reads Truth: This is a community of women who pursue Jesus and get in the Word daily! You can become part of the community. Visit their site and get plugged into one of their reading Plans, available in paperback as well in case you like flipping those pages or smelling a fresh new book. You can follow SRT on social media and connect with other women who thrive in God’s good book.  *Cool perk: SRT provides a pretty image for your phone’s lock screen so that you can see it often, read the truth throughout the day or even memorize it.


Hebrews 4:12 ‘The Word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.’


First 5: The app that will transform your time with God. It’s a totally free, very modern and very beautiful app that takes you through a book of the Bible(currently Joshua). The short daily studies look deeply into Scripture and make it come alive with videos and great writing. *Cool perk: In the app you can write a private thought in ‘My Moment’ or even write out a prayer. Then you can look back at your moments as a journal and see glimpses of your faith walk. Also, there is a section for public ‘Comments’ which you can share with the general First 5 public. Reading through the comments gives me encouragement just as much as reading the First 5 teaching sometimes.


John 1:1 ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.’


The Bible Project: This very modern movement specializes in making videos, podcasts and series to help make the Word come alive! Their main goal is to help believers grow in Bible literacy. They also have an app. *Cool perk: Entertaining, thought provoking videos which would be great for a family Bible study! The breakdown of the stories make it obvious that the Bible is one continuous story that points to Jesus.

We’re just getting started with this list of FREE resources for Bible-reading-women. Check back for more when you’ve gone through all 3!

Happy reading!

Much love,


To my sister who longs to be content…


First off, you are not alone. The struggle to be content is real. We make it more real than it ever needs to be. Living in a world where you can buy anything at any time whether you have the money or not, has become normal. We let the fantasy of earthly romance briefly fill a longing in our hearts, while crossing boundaries that chip away at our innocence. We think moving to the next thing, attaining success or a new job will solve our problems (because our problems aren’t that big to begin with, right?). Wrong.

When we desire things or people more than God, it’s sin. When we struggle with honoring God as all we need, it goes beyond the surface, being rooted in our hearts. In order to take our focus from wanting stuff or people, we have to surrender our hearts to Christ. It is so very easy to lose sight of that when we begin to feel content because of things other than Jesus.

So back in May, I wrote a note in my phone. It started with, “Why do I always feel like I need something new? There are a handful of days out of the year when I feel content. Like truly, fully content.” I had found myself so easily pleased by spending money frivolously. It could be anything from buying new work clothes to lunch for my husband. This only happens when my focus shifts, and I am not spending enough time actively worshiping God. But I found myself feeling fulfilled or complacent. Feelings can get you in trouble, let me tell you. God created emotions. He gave them to us; perfectly crafted emotions for us to relate to each other in ways we wouldn’t be able to without them.

Our emotions do not get to dictate our actions, unless we allow them to. Sometimes we experience the best things when we only follow our hearts, but all too often we replace truth with how we feel. Our emotions are so real and raw at times that it’s hard to see beyond them. The best part is that truth never changes; therefore, God is constant, unwavering in the face of our emotions, and working for our good in spite of the lies we believe.

“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom…” That’s the first half of 1 Corinthians 1:25, and it so simply shows how greatly we fall short of the Glory of God. We can be so easily blinded by our version of wisdom, when in fact we are beyond foolish. We convince ourselves that the unnecessary will fill our hearts with peace and joy, when everything we need is found in Jesus. Content at its very definition means to be satisfied with what you have; not wanting more.

So as we work to shift our focus from things to God, we will experience some growing pains. Hebrews chapter 12, verse 11 says,

“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

We have to remember that God holds the title of our Father. As a loving father, he wants to shape us and mold us, and that requires discipline. It doesn’t always feel good. We won’t always feel content. But as I said earlier, truth never changes and God’s word is truth. The Word promises us that if we stay the course and surrender to Christ, we will receive “peaceful fruit of righteousness.” Contentment will come with practice.

When you find yourself struggling to feel content, take time to reflect on how you have been living. Take a look at where you spend your resources, including: money, time, and skills. Schedules and routines aren’t for everyone, but make dedicated time for God. Don’t replace that time with anything else because you might walk away feeling content, but your soul will still be hungry. Let His word sink into your heart and continue His transformation. God loves you where you’re at, but too much to let you stay there. The more you practice being content and focusing on God throughout your daily life, you will find that no matter where you are physically, emotionally or spiritually, God is there and that is enough. When you don’t have a Pinterest perfect life or even a glimpse of it, God is there and that is enough.

Breathe in Emmanuel. Exhale the world.
❤ Ran

You Will Never be Alone.

To my sister who feels lonely in her faith,

You know that feeling you get when you want to do something awesome like run a marathon, learn how to surf or take a painting class? You’re excited. You’re pumped and want to try something new and start as soon as possible. But then you stop and realize that you’re the only one who wants to do that and you get discouraged because you’re alone. Then you can’t muster up the motivation to do that awesome new thing by yourself. Let that be your life no longer!

The solution is discipleship. Maybe you don’t know what that is or you’ve never heard of it. Just know that it is not a new trendy idea. It’s not a get-friends-quick-scheme. It is God’s plan to refine us and challenge us; help us to be more like Jesus and provide us with the encouragement we need to run the race of Faith with joy. He is so sweet and gracious for giving us this. You basically get to say to your friend “Hey friend, do you want to do this awesome thing called Christianity with me?” And then BAM, you are not alone. You get to walk with Jesus alongside a sister, receiving and giving wisdom, truth and encouragement along the way.

For me, discipleship has been one consistent call upon my heart from the Lord since I became a follower of Christ. It’s the reason that I have deep and encouraging friendships that lead me to pursue the Kingdom of God.

It all began at my first Young Life Club when I was 15 years old. (Young Life is a ministry that shares the gospel with teenagers through relationships, fun and easy-to-understand gospel messages.)
I walked into the room alone and nervous, and someone met me at the door with a huge smile. She looked genuinely happy to see me, and I couldn’t fathom why. From the very moment I met her I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Not because of her physical nature, although she is very pretty, but because there was something so bright and kind about her. She captivated me. I wanted to be just like her. She was like a beacon of hope and joy. This woman(we will call her Ruth) became my very first mentor. And through her obedience, faith, and pursuit of my heart, God drew me to his Son.
Ruth was a busy mother of 8 kids, yes 8! She was very active with ministries, church, bible studies and other things that kept her busy
and yet, she found time for me. She taught me how to read the Bible, how to pray, how to go to God with my struggles and my sin. She got to know me and she accepted me, flaws and all. She walked with me through the brokenness and messy parts of my life, always pointing me to the truth of who Jesus is. She welcomed me into her life and she literally embodies the message of

1 Thessalonians 2:8 – “So we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”

I can’t thank God enough for sending Ruth into my life. She empowers me to love other women and teach them about the person of Jesus Christ. Her real-life example may enhance your picture of discipleship, but it is most important to look to God’s Word and the life of Jesus to establish your understanding.

There is a book called The Master Plan of Evangelism. It lays out God’s #1 plan for spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, and I’ll give you a guess as to what the author believes His plan is… Yep, DISCIPLESHIP! The book is awesome and I highly recommend it because it’s a closer look into the life of Jesus and the way that he led and loved his 12 disciples:

“All the disciples had to teach them was a teacher who practiced with them what he expected them to learn. Evangelism was lived before them in spirit and in technique. Watching him, they learned what it was all about. He led them to recognize the need inherent in all classes of people, and the best methods of approaching them. They observed how he drew people to himself; how he won their confidence and inspired their faith; how he opened to them the way of salvation and called them to a decision. In all types of situations and among all kinds of people, rich and poor, healthy and sick, friend and foe alike, the disciples watched the master soulwinner at work. It wasn’t outlined on the blackboard of a stuffy classroom nor written up in a “do it yourself” manual. His method was so real and practical that it just came naturally.”

(The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman)

I truly believe that in Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus places a specific and powerful call on the life of every person who follows Jesus. It says this:

“Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

This is the biblical basis of discipleship and is often referred to as “The Great Commission.” Reading those verses gives me chills sometimes. Jesus is so mighty, so divine and yet so available. Can there be a greater call on your life? I am overwhelmed by unworthiness and gratitude when I think about how God showers me with grace as He chooses to involve me in His miracle of salvation! It’s the biggest privilege of my entire life. I don’t deserve such a purpose. And His grace doesn’t end there; Jesus declares he will be with us always, He will never leave us or forsake us!



And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Not only will he never leave us alone, but he has modeled for us the most beautiful and inclusive lifestyle of discipleship. In his kindness he says “I do not want you to live your Christian life by yourself. Be with others. Make disciples.”

If you feel encouraged by this, maybe God is starting a fire in your heart for a discipleship relationship. Take a leap of faith and ask your younger sister, niece or friend if she would like to study a book of the Bible with you. Believer or non-believer. Maybe just ask a younger high school or college student if she would like a mentor to walk through life with. Jesus will give you the courage to reach out! And through the beautiful relationship of discipleship we reflect the heart of Jesus and His desire that we love one another as He has loved us.

Us women are notorious for sticking together and doing things in groups. Arriving to a party, going to the bathroom, starting a diet, taking fitness classes and more. We like the company, we like the confidence and security that a group of friends provides. God made us relational. I know he had Titus 2:3-5 in mind when he created us. He knew that we would learn best from the women that surround us. His Word instructs us:
“Similarly, teach the older women to live in a way that honors God. They must not slander others or be heavy drinkers. Instead, they should teach others what is good. These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.”

This is yet another biblical doctrine for discipleship. I love the picture that these words bring to my mind. Two women, of different ages, walking through life together, one learning from the other and one blessing the other with wisdom and genuine care. Perhaps God is placing a desire in your heart for a discipleship mentor.  If so, start praying for one now. Tell God you are ready to grow in your faith and learn from a teacher. And then pick up your head and start looking for someone who is faithful and available, not perfect, just willing to care for you. Something anointed and special could begin with this. I encourage you to open your heart up to a sister in Christ and step into the calling of discipleship! You won’t regret it. God has such beauty in store for you. I know this because I know Him.

If you are already involved in a discipleship relationship feel free to tell us about it in a comment, email or on the gram. We would be honored to hear your story!

Much love,